Darkwatch Forest

Once the northeastern shore of Aeterno; Darkwatch Forest is a dense thicket of conifers nestled between two mountain ranges: One separating them from the barren plains of Desolation, the other guarding the ‘Shadowlands’ from the holy light of Amaranth’s towering plume.

Towering conifers kilometers high fill the landscape, the denizens of the forest skirt around the edges of the massive trunks. Some of the more enterprising peoples have bored out trunks for habitation; the lights of their homes dot the foot-thick bark that protects them from the mysteries lurking in the night.

Darkwatch Forest is visible from nearly all corners of the globe and as its trees reach above the mountaintops, the entire land is shrouded in darkness except in rare cases where the light of The Plane of Fire arcs between the trees momentarily. This attribute makes Darkwatch Forest a haven for Shadowpeople of all shapes and sizes; refugees from the rest of Aeterno’s growing light. The civilized peoples of Darkwatch welcome the shadows, as most of them were once refugees themselves, once in hiding from the hunstmen that stalked the hidden areas of Aeterno before The Shattering.

Hertug Duskfang rules these lands from Darkwatch Keep, a large wooden lodge that houses The Darkwatch: a batallion of sheriffs that police the forest with a benevolent but absolute rule. Once, taxation was common and the people suffered in a land unable to support agriculture. Undert the Hertug’s wise leadership however, the southern lands north of the Alabaster Mountains have been cleared of trees to allow farming in the nutrient-rich soil. The farmland has been sold to The Bristleback Community who eat most of the crops with their massive families, gifting the rest to the Hertug: the only man to support their cause rather than ignoring their plight. The felled trees were sold to the people of Ebonmill: a titanic sawmill historically used to render Ebonflesh Trees into useable ingredients like armors, weapons and firewood – all of which are prized at costs comparable to gemstones. Having few dependent citizens meant that there weren’t many costs on Hertug Duskfang and his decision was to fund the zealous Darkwatch, who in turn spent most of their gained money outfitting their forces with Ebonflesh weapons and armors as well as substances and herbs from the mysterious Wolfsbane Compendium, a group of reclusive alchemists who’ve taken the opportunity to gather many rare plants from the Forest in an attempt to corner the market and thus control the prices on the medical, magical and ablative herbs found growing only in the near-darkness surrounding Ebonflesh Trees.

The makeup of the area is as follows:
Hertug Duskfang controls The Darkwatch, who police the few civilized fey and shadow creatures who peaceably live lives of trade and culture in the western half of the Forest near Darkwatch Keep. The rest of the lands get more dangerous as you move further east and control is shuffled between The Bristleback Community in the south, the lumberjacks of Ebonmill in the east and the all-pervasive Wolfsbane Compendium, who yet hide their headquarters and only appear to those willing to spend some money. Strangely, the seat of Kalm of the Tyr Line in the north: Castle Pitch, has recently become a hub of commerce and religion in the wake of Solace’s Fall

Darkwatch Forest

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