The Shattering

Once a land ruled by the likes of men; Aterno’s new landscape would scare the skin right off its previous owners.

Living atop the food chain of the once-freed land, Aeterno’s human population had excelled in finding groups of strange races and removing them from existence. These genocides slowly leeched the magical force from the surviving humans in age after age of shunning and murdering those with the affinity.

A cabal of human mages who met and worshipped in White Plain and who secretly desired to return to the awesome power of the Age of Arcana found and deciphered a truly ancient scroll excavated from a long-forgotten ruin. In doing so, the mages in support of learning the magic for their own found their new deity and saviour: a spell that allows the opening of a portal to the Astral Plane, a function to summon or escape the Material Plane. This led to another schism, separating the devout zealots from the insane revolutionaries who began hurridly mixing the spell components to summon a being of great power and with it, rule Aeterno.

Unbeknownst to all, the spell had been mistranslated or misinterpreted as it stopped short of summoning anything at all, instead unleashing a devestating magical shockwave that vaporized all life and remolded Aeterno’s terrain.
Where once stood glorious mountains of marble and shale now lies a desert, the ocean floor within the blast torn up as the resulting torrent of brine exposes the remaining seafloor to the magical aftermath.

The first several years after the event are hard on the few survivors. Travelling around the massive crater takes months if not years, and the alternative of crossing the vapid landscape proves a frightening prospect to those who count their blessings at being spared what survivors view as rightful judgement from a Lawful entity.

6 years after the blast rocked the world the very few leftover humans find a meagre lifestyle amongst their planet’s rubble and begin a slow process of rebuilding settlements destroyed in the blast, even daring across unforgiving landscapes to stake new land on the unforgiving domain. These landmarks and unconventional cityscapes are soon visited by creatures beasts and races of indiscriminate shape, size, quantity and substance. Some this world had known long ago, the descendents only now viewing the world their brethren had once known.

These peoples brought with them the affinities of their homes, now brought to chaos and turmoil by the effects of the Cataclysm. The Planes themselves now lie in ruins, shadows of their former selves ruined by the scattering force of magical energy.

The Shattering

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